I just finished reading on online article at the Lincoln (NE) star journal, "You don’t have to own a cow to have raw milk," by Erin Duerr.   In the article she proclaims that the "best" way to get your dairy is "raw milk at the source."  She does manage to mention that raw milk "comes with conflicting information about the health benefits or dangers."   The article though, contains only a link to the website for Weston A. Price, unabashed raw milk supporters. 

In the interest of fairness and education, how about a link to some of the information about the risks involved, like www.realrawmilkfacts.com.  In 2010 alone, there have been more than 8 outbreaks of illness associated with raw milk and raw dairy products.   Just seems to me that the readers (and their children) might want an opportunity to get the whole story.