NSF International announced today that Bill Marler is a recipient of a 2010 Food Safety Leadership Award.  NSF is an "independent, not-for-profit organization committed to protecting and improving public health and safety."  Tomorrow, Marler will be presented the annual award for Innovation in Education, at  the Food Safety Summitt in Washington D.C.

NSF created the yearly awards to "encourage the development of innovative technologies and learning programs that advance food safety efforts."

NSF praised Marler’s committment to food safety, and food safety education:

For over 17 years, foodborne illness attorney Bill Marler has helped thousands of people suffering from serious disabilities caused by foodborne illness. Using the power of information, Marler devotes his time and effort to keeping awareness high by way of the Internet, media, public appearances and newsletters. This includes informational blogs and websites that educate the public about foodborne pathogens, including E-coli, salmonella and hepatitis, Marler’s Marlerblog.com and the web-based newsletter foodsafetynews.com. In 1998, Marler and his partners at Marler Clark founded Outbreak, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to training companies on how to prevent foodborne illness. Marler frequently speaks on the topic of food safety to public and environmental health groups and participates in panels, forums and symposiums to share food safety information. Through his efforts, Bill Marler has helped transform people’s experiences with foodborne illness into advocacy and his passion for educational outreach has proven to be one of the best tools for change.  

Knowing Bill, it won’t be enough for him to "single task" while he is D.C.   No doubt he will also be working to push forward the Food Safety Modernization Act, Senate Bill 510.   Hopefully, the bill will make its way to the Senate floor this week.