The 30th annual Food Microbiology Symposium begins this Sunday and last through Wednesday, October 17.  The event will be held at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls.  Topics will include foodborne pathogen detection, regulatory and industry trends, laboratory methods validation, biosensors and other trends in food safety.

Bill Marler, managing partner at Marler Clark, will deliver the keynote address at an event Tuesday evening.  From the event website:

Speakers from academia, industry and regulatory agencies will provide an overview and update on the pathogens, toxins, and contaminants that may occur in food, water, and the environment.

The emphasis will be on the practical applications of this information to solve food microbiological safety and quality problems. In addition, technical representatives of select companies involved in developing and marketing instruments and assays for microbiological analysis of food will participate in the program. They will give a brief presentation and demonstrate the latest technology they have to offer. These demonstrations offer an excellent opportunity to discuss applications and suitability of methods for routine microbiological analysis or detection of specific pathogens.