Seattle-based attorney Bill Marler will be in Provo, Utah Wednesday to present the keynote address for the Utah Public Health Association in a speech about current issues related to foodborne illness outbreaks and investigations. Marler’s audience will consist of medical doctors, nurses, health educators, environmental health scientists, epidemiologists, university students and state and local health department employees.

This will mark the 6th food safety-related speech this year for Marler. He has spoken to groups of university students, attorneys, public health and food industry professionals at various venues across the nation this year.

“I like to think our food supply is just a little bit safer because of the work I do,” said Marler. “We’re all in this together.”

Marler is the nation’s leading lawyer representing victims of foodborne illness.  His law firm, Marler Clark, has represented thousands of victims of Salmonella, E. coli and other foodborne illness outbreaks traced to food items such as tomatoes, spinach, ground beef and cantaloupe.  He speaks frequently on issues related to the safety of our food supply.