Food Safety News reports according to the Grundy County Health Department, 35 people are ill after eating at Hacienda Don Villo, a Mexican restaurant in Channahon, IL.

The county’s health administrator Phil Jass told Food Safety News that although patient samples are still being tested, some have tested positive for Salmonella, including one restaurant employee.

At least one person has been hospitalized, Jass said. The Channahon-Minooka Patch reported that one victim with a confirmed case of Salmonella was in the hospital for four days.

Hacienda Don Villo closed on Sept. 25, two days after the first illness was reported. It has since been cleaned and employees have been re-trained in proper food handling.

Jass said that the restaurant owner has been very cooperative and closed Hacienda Don Villo voluntarily. He said it will reopen once employees have had two stool samples test negative for Salmonella.

  • Chad

    Ill never eat there again.

  • Mariyaa

    Its nice to hear that the owner voluntarily closed, and re-training the staff, but with this incident, this restaurant has lost a lot of their customers, and future ones too.

  • Kellie

    I am disappointed that so many places are dealing with salmonella because of improper food handling techniques. They need to be retrained and tested to make sure this doesn’t happen again.