The Internet has a bit of everything – many things you just would rather not know about when it comes to your food.

* French Fried Condom – It was a sad day for a 7-year-old girl in Switzerland. She got more than a little prize in her McDonald’s Happy Meal—she allegedly found a condom in her French fries. Cops are investigating how the crazy condiment got there. [MSNBC].

* Fake Finger – Las Vegas lady Anna Ayala claimed to have found a finger in her steaming cup o’ chili at a Wendy’s in San Jose. After an investigation trying to reunite the owner of finger with his/her severed digit, it was discovered to be big ol’ hoax – and a crime. [USA Today].

* Chicken n’ Mice – Tony Hill of Baltimore was enjoying some delicious Popeye’s chicken when he bit into a warm and furry treat. Turns out a mouse had furrowed into his chicken wing. [WBAL].

* French Fry Boo Boo – A student at the University of Illinois almost went into cardiac arrest when she found a used bandage in the McDonald’s French fries that she got at the student union. As a former Micky D’s employee, she offered first aid advice by suggesting that the ding bats wear gloves while cooking. [Daily Illini],

* Cold Cut – A health-conscious Queens man went to Subway and purchased a foot-long cold cut sub. He took a few bites and realized something didn’t taste quite right. He turned the sandwich over to find a 7-inch bread knife baked into it. [NY Post].

* Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Needles – In the 1990s, an elderly Tacoma couple never got their winning game piece for the “Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi” sweepstakes. The consolation prize…drum roll please…a syringe! The incident sent off a national panic, with more than 50 people claiming to have found the same thing. Uh, many of their claims were totally bogus. [BNET].

• Heads Up – This one is so gross, it hurts just to describe. If you are not faint of heart, check out the newscast below about a mother in Virginia who found a chicken head in her McDonald’s wings.

And, there is the Snake Head Salad [Times].  This one may also turn out to be a plant.

Not to forget my favorite mouse (vole) story that never has received any press:

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  • Allice

    this information is seirously gross but it won’t keep me from eating any of those resteraunt.

  • Trish

    On Sept.16,’10, I,too, had a rat salad. I bought it on drive-thru from Carl’s about 11:20p.m. At home, the “Original” salad had its usual tastiness until about 7 bites into it when my fork hit what I thought was a big glob of wilted greens. As I brought it to the sink I noticed a tail, legs, head, teeth and pink intestines. An entire field rat!. Spit, scour, gag, etc. I managed to phone the restaurant to warn them before they closed at midnight. Midnight is not a good time to have this happen. I know just enough about possible dangers to scare me to pieces yet, medical or scientific counsel is scarce. Fitful night. Was that crunch in the salad chicken grizzle or a rat foot? The specimen is in my freezer but I can’t bear to look. Of course I got my $5 back but you better believe Corporate entites will not offer more. And they will not initiate contact. I wondered if this happened so often that they became enured to it. Or if they were si guarded because they did not want to nail responsibility openly. Or maybe they don’t believe me. I know that if I served a salad in my kitchen with a dead rat in it, I would be aghast, remorseful and very supportive. Not so with C.E.s. A voice over the phone from Human Resources is as close as you’ll get to the owner who should take responsibility. They may feel the comforting glow of being lawyered up. They may sue the supplier. You’ll get your $5 and a voice over the phone from Human Resources. Be careful out there.